I am an activist dreamer who believes the world can be a better place if we choose to become and allow others to help us become the people we were made to be.  I have lived with my best friend Jim for longer than I haven’t – I wouldn’t be who I am without him.  We have two amazing children who I am very proud of.

To many my life might look quite chaotic and messy – I guess I have what some people call a ‘portfolio’ lifestyle!  I have tried to group the posts in this blog under the categories I feel most concerned about – Solidarity, Shalom, Spirituality, Sufficiency & Serendipity.

Together with Jim I helped pioneer the work of Urban Expression (@urbanshalom) in East London and now help coordinate this growing movement of amazing people working in and with some of our most marginalised communities.  I co-run the Crucible Course (@cruciblecourse) which equips people to follow Jesus on the margins – (although I get quite frustrated with church I’m actually pretty impressed with Jesus and am dedicated to trying to walk in his way) and am overseeing the launch of The Fishermen’s Chapel (@newroadleigh).

I am also a baptist minister (which is either a conversation-starter or a conversation-stopper depending on who asks!) with Anabaptist tendencies, and enjoy helping congregations think differently about the ways they engage with their communities.  I try to agitate my baptist family to think in more joined-up ways, to take more risks & be equipped for the rapidly changing environment we are called to be in, urging us to prioritise those caught in poverty and those on the margins – its seems to be what Jesus did.  I try to help those with great ideas to find ways to be free to to implement them.

I spent almost 20 years living in the inner city and feel somewhat exiled living back in the home-land of Essex, although one of the perks is being nearer to some of my family and back in touch with some of my oldest friends.

In February 2013 I self-published a book which tells the stories of some of us that are involved in Urban Expression and unpacks some of the values that have motivated us to move into urban priority areas.  Urban To The Core: Motives For Incarnational Mission is available in the UK here and also in North America here.

Pioneer, initiator, reflector, facilitator, trainer, consultant, writer, activist, speaker, networker – like joining dots, useless at remembering birthdays, struggle to finish a book, can’t remember the last time I baked a cake, hate ironing, find it hard to switch off, always feel there’s more to be done, bit of a cynic, rarely finish anyth…