Bnw8VRaIYAEfnm1.jpg-largeLife is a constant journey and process of reorienting ourselves to our context and circumstances.  The moment we cease to be open to this possibility and convince ourselves that stability of life or thought is normal, we become slaves to fear and grief and fail to encounter neither the painful reality of the unknown nor discover the joyous beauty of new creation hewn from discomfort and disorientation.

Those who exhibit courage, tenacity, humility and grace to grapple with the unexpected, the unprepared for, the surprising and the unwanted will plough new depths of their soul and, if patient and vulnerable enough to invite others into their struggle, will inspire and give permission for them to embrace a narrative of rebirth too.

I am grateful for several friends who have modelled this grace, honesty and vulnerability to me in profound ways these past couple of weeks.