IMG_2004Today’s breakfast felt pretty routine – porridge for me and a boiled egg for Althea.  Because I had meetings in London today we both took our standard packed lunches of jam sandwiches and 2 bourbon biscuits, plus an orange for Althea.

Althea is chuffed and encouraged at the amount of sponsorship coming in for her and it is provoking many conversations at school.  One teacher heard about her living on £1 of food per day and asked if her mum knew about it!  Perhaps she thought it was some faddy diet?!  She also asked whether I was feeding her enough!  Maybe I’ll get a call from Social Services before the week is out?!

Travelling across London provoked many challenges for me as I resisted my usual energy fixes of Costa Coffee and chocolate bars.  As the day went on I could feel my concentration levels struggling and on the train journey home the tiredness hit me.  I have also felt quite cold all day.

For dinner we had rice with a tin of Asda’s smart price chicken and vegetable curry, although we couldn’t find a morsel of meat between us!  Still, it was hot and filling and reasonably tasty.

After a quick budget check I realised that I had only spent 59p today and when I added the amount carried forward from the first 2 days discovered I had £1.37 spare.  As a mid-way treat and a boost to our fallen sugar levels, we treated ourselves and the family to pancakes with lemon and sugar – all ingredients we had in the house but which I have budgeted for below.  I would have taken a picture, but the pancakes didn’t hang around long enough!

My brain is going fuzzy and maths is not my strong point, but I think today’s menus are accurate!

If you feel inclined you can sponsor Althea here or me here to help us raise money for those around the world who aren’t playing at being poor, but who face extreme and absolute poverty every day.

Today’s Menus


50g porridge 3p

half spoon of sugar 0.5p

Tea bags x 3 1p

Milk in tea 8p

2 slices of bread 5p

Jam 4p

3 bourbon biscuits 4.5p

100g rice 4p

Tin curry 26p

Carrots 3p


Milk 49p

Egg 16.5p

Oil 3p

Lemon 22p

Sugar 20p

TOTAL: 110.5p

Carrying forward 26.5p



1 egg 16.5

4 slices of bread 10p

Jam 4p

Orange 30p

2 bourbon biscuits 3p

100g rice 4p

Tin curry 26p

Carrots 3p

TOTAL 96.5p

Carrying forward 2p!