This morning my daughter avoided the porridge and went for a healthy boiled egg with a slice of toast instead.  I stuck with a smaller portion of porridge – I don’t mind it but I can’t physically eat too much of it!

For lunch we both had jam sandwiches again.  Althea took hers to school in a packed lunch with an orange (to fight the sore throat) and a couple of smart price bourbon biscuits as a treat.

I have had quite a slow paced day working from home so have not burned too many calories, but by mid-afternoon I definitely began to feel more tired than normal.  This was despite benefitting from my mum’s free Waitrose coffee on a short trip out this morning!  (Now I know why their cafe is always packed out with pensioners!)

ImageWe cooked dinner early and went for a skinny roast chicken drumstick from our budget bag served with smart price instant mash and half a tin of smart price baked beans each.  It pretty much ticks all the boxes of my daughter’s favourite things, so was a pretty decent and filling meal, but because we ate early I suggested she had a late night indulgence of noodles once again.

This evening I met with some other local people who are living below the line.  Louise works in one of the local food banks and shared her experiences of supporting those in desperate need and Jack, a local reporter, shared some of her cooking tips and stories of surviving on very little when times were tough (you can read some of her budget-busting recipes on her blog).  Jill, a youth worker visiting the UK from Durban, South Africa, shared about the consequences of absolute poverty in her context.

It was an encouraging time of sharing solidarity in our hunger but we also shared concerns about global poverty, particularly the IF campaign, and concerns about the myths surrounding poverty.  We drew inspiration from the Glasgow Truth and Poverty Commission and wondered if it would be beneficial to start one locally.

I returned home with a rumbling stomach and went old school by cooking a little rice pudding and jam!

Today’s Menu 


175g porridge 4.5p

half spoon of sugar 0.5p

Tea bags x 3 1p

Milk 10p

2 slices of bread 5p

Jam 4p

Bourbon biscuit 1.5p

Chicken portion 17p

Instant mash 10p

Baked Beans 12.5p

Gravy granules 2.5p

Herbs/salt & pepper 2.5p

20g rice 2p


Carried forward from yesterday 51p

Carried forward from today 27p

Under budget by 78p



1 egg 16.5

3 slices of bread 7.5p

Jam 2p

Orange 30p

3 bourbon biscuits 4.5p

Chicken portion 17p

Instant mash 10p

Beaked Beans 12.5p

Herbs/salt & pepper 2.5p

Noodles 11p

TOTAL 113.5p

Carried forward from yesterday 12p

Over budget by 1.5p!