So, my 14 year old daughter and I have signed up to live below the line this week.  I was inspired by friends who did it last year and since visiting Uganda and Peru last summer have witnessed some of the extreme inequalities that exist in our world.  I am hoping to do my small bit to raise awareness of these issues and raise a bit of cash to help those in need.

We have chosen to start our 5 days tomorrow because on Friday I am driving three teenagers for 6 hours, and don’t want to risk feeling spaced out.  So I have just returned from buying most of our weekly supplies for £9.23.  The conveyor belt looked sparse and very green in colour, although I doubt it looked very green in any other sense.

Already I find myself reflecting on many questions:

Will I cope with so few calories?

More importantly, will my daughter cope and what will we do if she isn’t coping?

How will we cope eating so little in a house with 2 men who have hollow legs and are eating normally?

Can people living with limited finances ever realistically be concerned about ethical issues about sourcing food, or will the ethical agenda only ever be truly resolved once extreme poverty ceases?

Why do supermarkets put the cheapest products on the lowest shelves?

Do people look at you differently when all the products in your trolley are in the budget range?

It’s going to be an interesting week!  If you feel like sponsoring me you can do so here.


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