BMS World Mission reported today that more than a century after BMS missionaries arrived in Mizoram, Baptists in the north east Indian state have ordained their first-ever female pastor.

Dr R L Hnuni was officially installed at the Assembly of the Baptist Church of Mizoram (BCM) last month.  Her appointment was described as a a ‘bold move in such a male-dominated society’

I would like to offer my congratulation to Dr R L Hnuni and to the Baptist Church of Mizoram.  We in the UK may sometimes feel that ‘Majority World’ nations such as India are ‘behind’ us in some developments, but I would like to honour the fact that it only took them approximately 100 years of baptist presence to get to this point as opposed to the 310 years it appears to have taken our British baptist family according to the history on the Baptist Union website.

Well done India!  I’m trying to take the log out of my eye instead of looking at the speck in yours  🙂