Last Friday David Kerrigan, Peter Dunn & Mat Wilson of  BMS World Mission spent a day visiting our Urban Expression teams in Manchester.  It was one of the most encouraging visits we have ever had, mostly I think because these guys live in a ‘missionary’ paradigm rather than a ‘maintenance’ one. 

Urban Expression occasionally has all sorts of visitors.  Many leave us encouraged, most leave us pondering useful questions, some leave us feeling discouraged and as if we have to defend why we are committed to pioneering new forms of church in the inner-cities.  The BMS guys last week did not shy away from asking good questions to help us think, but they did so from a stand-point which ‘got’ what we are about. 

Over the coming days I will try to compose my reflections on this visit but for now let me share with you one of the most encouraging things that I heard.  Together Mat, Peter & David agreed that if they were receiving reports from their BMS missionaries overseas which included stories like they heard and witnessed on Friday in Manchester, they would be delighted 🙂

I am so pleased that Urban Expression is working in partnership with BMS World Mission.  There are still things to learn about how a mission agency which has for centuries sent people overseas can support mission in an increasingly post-Christian and unchurched Britain, but it is a learning journey that we are delighted to be on together.

You can read David’s reflections of his visit on his blog here.