A couple of years ago some us involved in organisations that try in small ways to commit themselves to serving the inner-cities and the most disadvantaged in our country decided to start meeting together.  We decided that our organisations were not in competition with one another but were involved in the same task and as such it would be good to get to know each other better, share experience and droplets of wisdom and support each other in a field of ministry which often feels on the margins of mainstream church life here in the UK.

However as practitioners and activists, many of whom are juggling several jobs in order to fund this urban passion, we were also keen to ensure that our time together was productive and not only self-serving.  We talked around many ideas but the difficulty we faced was that there seemed between us so little resources of time, energy or money for us to initiate anything too complicated.

On more than one occasion, at the end of another lunchtime of banter, micky-taking, story-telling, envisioning, listening, caring and prayer, we commented that there was enough good stuff talked about around the table that if only we could bottle it we might have something that would encourage others involved in urban ministry too.  And thus we came up with the idea of recording podcasts of our conversations and making them available to all.

Yesterday the first two podcasts went live and you can find them here at iTunes.

To be honest I cannot remember now exactly what we said!  Although I know we all nearly fell of our chairs when Andy Turner of the Church Urban Fund stepped up to the mark and stopped us all procrastinating by taking on the role of presenter.  If the podcast could have recorded our faces in those first few moments you would have been in for a treat!  Radio 5 Live is waiting for you Andy!!

I hope some choose to listen in and of those I hope some find it encouraging and helpful to be a fly on the wall listening into our first tentative conversations.  We are not ‘experts’ and we know there are many who have heaps more experience than us.  We are not perfect and are acutely aware of our weaknesses, vulnerabilities and failings, so much so that most of us felt somewhat uncomfortable putting ourselves ‘out there’ in fear of being put on a pedestal.   We hope people will feel able to engage with these on the facebook page or through other means and that they may do so in the same spirit in which we offer these humble and honest musings.